Use to store and share your artwork.

Why use to host and store your art? Well, it allows you to have a universal identifier (like a fingerprint) for your artwork and the metadata used to generate that art (the seed number, engine type, etc.). You can link to your art using these universal identifiers rather than having to keep track of file names, where you stored the data, or how you generated the art. This makes it easier to reference and track your art as other people share it, it gets moved around and stored in multiple places, and you want to take credit for it in the future.

How does do this? is a performant and easy-to-use hosted IPFS solution. IPFS gives you the ability to reference and access your data using this unique identifier using cryptography.

If this sounds like blockchain mumbo jumbo to you, you're half right! With IPFS and ai-artwork-uploader, you can get similar cryptographic guarantees as those blockchains provide without having to mess around with crypto at all.

But if you are into NFTs, ai-artwork-uploader makes your art NFT-ready. Just stick the universal identifier into an NFT to prove you're the first person to create the art, and others can verify this by looking at the timestamp the NFT was created, the metadata you used to generate the art, and the art itself.

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